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Private NPM Registry Replicator Document

For my future reference and to help others trying to set up a private NPM registry which sits behind a [corporate] proxy and requires authenticated CouchDB admin access, here’s the replicator document that I ended up using: For those who are not familiar with CouchDB,… Read More

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Node.js Presentations

I gave two Node.js-related talks within the past week. The first one was titled “From Java To Node.js”, at Shine Technologies‘ developers meeting on August 5th, 2011. From Java To Node.js View more presentations from Cliffano Subagio The second one was titled “JavaScript Everywhere From… Read More

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Couchtato Introduction

Last Thursday I put up a post at Shine Technologies blog titled Couchtato – A CouchDB Document Utility Tool Written In Node.js. It’s a short introduction to Couchtato, a little hobby project I worked on over several evenings and lunch breaks. Do check it out… Read More

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Running CouchDB-Lucene On Tomcat

As of the time of writing, CouchDB-Lucene (v0.6.0) distribution was bundled with Jetty WebServer and runnable from command line. But if you dive a little bit into the code, you’ll find that the run script basically executes com.github.rnewson.couchdb.lucene.Main, which in turn (1) reads the couchdb-lucene.ini… Read More