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SCode Image Reload

Sometimes the numbers on SCodePlugin-generated CAPTCHA image are not easy to read. And rather than refreshing the whole page, it would be nice to reload only the image and generate a new / more readable code. In order to give this a go, I modified… Read More

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Blojsom IM Notification Messages

Here’s a screenshot of Blojsom notification messages on Pandion. You’ll be notified for new entry, comment, trackback, and pingback. I’m currently working on XMPP Plugin for Blojsom, though nothing is stopping this from becoming IMNotification Plugin. I guess there are plenty of AIM and MSN… Read More

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SCodePlugin v0.5

SCodePlugin v0.5 has been released, expect the jar and source downloads to be available from SourceForge mirrors in the next few days. As usual, if you want it earlier, just email me and I’ll send it to you. Changelog: Introduced KaptchaImageEngine using Kaptcha (was Simple… Read More

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Kink, New SCode Flavor

Jon Stevens resurrected Simple Captcha in the form of Kaptcha. The good thing about Simple Captcha / Kaptcha is that it generates an image similar to the ones used at Yahoo!. Other than that, it’s really straightforward to use. I quickly integrated Kaptcha into SCode… Read More

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Blojsom 3 Plugins Update Wrap Up

Blojsom 3 was first mentioned on March 23rd 2006, and it was finally released (post milestone releases) on September 29th 2006. The first time I mentioned about updating my plugins was on March 27th 2006. And today, March 25th 2007, almost a year later, I… Read More

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Plugins Update For Blojsom 3

Update: all plugins are now available for download from Source Forge. I’ve finished updating most of my plugins to work with Blojsom 3, they’re currently in testing on both this blog and Melbourne Photoblog. If you want to try the SNAPSHOT versions on your Blojsom… Read More