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AWS Serverless Chatbot Hackathon

Last month me and two buddies from work, Michael Diender and Stephen Shim, participated in AWS Serverless Chatbot Hackathon hosted by Devpost. This hackathon was announced by Jeff Barr on AWS Blog on August 10th this year. Even though they allowed about 1.5 months submission period, our team only spent 8 hours for each person in order to build two entries due to our busy schedules: Chaos Slackbot and SiteChecker Slackbot.…

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Custom AWS AMIs Dependency Tree

As awesome as those AMIs from AWS Marketplace are, it’s often not possible to use most of them AS-IS at various organisations due to policies that enforce: Mandated operating system with specific distro and version Blacklisted operating system packages for security reasons Whitelisted versions of various tech stacks, tools, libraries, etc I’ve never found a marketplace AMI that fulfils all of the above requirements without some further provisioning, which can sometimes defeat the purpose of using an AMI in the first place.…

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