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Adobe Marketing Cloud Community Expo

With the same squad as AWS Chatbot Hackathon, I also participated in another hackathon as part of Adobe Marketing Cloud Community Expo (AMCCE). We presented Swagger AEM, an ecosystem of AEM API clients that Shine Solutions recently open sourced. The idea is to build an OpenAPI specification for AEM, and then generate a number of API clients in various languages like Ruby, Python, Java, and JavaScript using Swagger Codegen. These clients will then be used by the next layer of tools like Puppet and Ansible, or by custom applications, or who knows, maybe wearable devices (why not?).…

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Wrapping AEM cURL Commands With Python

If you ever had the experience (no pun) of using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you would already know that curl commands are arguably the de facto way of interacting with AEM over http. Whenever you google for various AEM /CQ HOWTOs, it’s easy to find examples with curl commands: Adobe CQ- Is it possible to execute CURL command? How to create pages using curl command in CQ / WEM How to find out CURL command for any CQ operation?…

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