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Code To Relax

The hours are much less compared to ten years ago, but coding after work is still the best way to unwind and relax. I started reading GPF Comics when I just started working the IT industry in 2001. The above strip has always been my… Read More

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Vent Your Spleen

Before Twitter, I ranted on mX, a local free daily newspaper. 19 October 2007, on Connex’s performance. 10 January 2008, I can’t remember which incident triggered this rant, but cricket as a ‘sport’ was filled with too much drama. 15 February 2008, on Brendan Nelson’s… Read More

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iPhone Equation

Here’s my review of the iPhone… I’m not an Apple fanboy, I started using an iPhone several months ago, I give credit where credit is due. Despite all the criticisms about Apple, they still make the best consumer products on earth, ’nuff said. Update (04/12/2012):… Read More