100 Kiva Loans Later

Today I made my 100th micro loan on Kiva.org . I joined Kiva in July 2007 and today I have $275 across 15 active loans, so I’m one of those people with a minimal fund who re-loan as soon as there’s enough repayment.

Here are some stats from my portfolio:

The interesting numbers here are the 1.62% delinquency rate and 0.68% default rate. Yep, default happens in microfinance world.

Portfolio distribution:

  • Gender: 65% female, 35% male.
  • 54 countries. Top 5: Tajikistan, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Paraguay.
  • 13 sectors. Top 5: food, agriculture, retail, clothing, construction.
  • 73 field partners.

Map view of portfolio distribution, darker green = more loans.

Hey I just met you, this is crazy, but let’s make the world a better place, so join Kiva, maybe?

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