RFC – ChuckNorris Plugin

Update (06/10/2009): installation & usage instructions are available from ChuckNorris Plugin wiki page.

Me and some colleagues were yammering some Chuck Norris Facts-like jokes a few days ago (ChuckNorrisException can never be caught, only thrown :p), and that reminded me of ChuckNorris Plugin, a simple plugin I wrote when I first started learning about Hudson plugin mechanism a while ago.

This plugin displays a picture of Chuck Norris, instead of Hudson the butler, and a random Chuck Norris ‘The Programmer’ fact on each build page.

On failure build, Chuck Norris is ready to give you a whoopin’ for breaking the build.
You’ll also see a Chuck Norris fact on the build page.

A thumb up on successful build.

And an alert stance on other build results.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of ChuckNorris Plugin. And also let me know if you want to install it on your Hudson instance, I’ll make the .hpi file available for download.

My favourite facts: ‘Chuck Norris can unit test an entire application with a single assert,’ and ‘When a bug sees Chuck Norris, it flees screaming in terror, and then immediately self-destructs to avoid being roundhouse-kicked.’

Update (22/12/2010): mission accomplished, ChuckNorris Plugin was mentioned on Java Posse #331 – Roundup ’10 – Modules, at 21:22, Carl suggested the use of ChuckNorris after Tor mentioned FindBugs, Checkstyle, etc.

28 thoughts on “RFC – ChuckNorris Plugin

  1. Please create a .hpi file so I can install the Chuck Norris plugin in my Hudson instance.

  2. I would love the plugin, how can I get a link? +1 to what Kohsuke said, please distribute it into the SVN repo for Hudson!!

  3. Thanks all for the comments and interests :).

    I did try to put the source in Hudson SVN repo & release it, but glassfish.org’s Maven was down last night so I couldn’t verify the full build prior to checking in, Hudson wiki was also down (I needed the release instruction).

    Will try again today.

  4. I’ve installed; and activated Chuck; I see the quotes… but no chuck… and no thumbs up.

    I verified that the images are all there and also that the permissions are okay… also no error output in the logs.

    I have a number of other plugins, etc installed (various charts: tasks, tests, etC) – could they be interferring?

    Any other ideas?

    This will be awesome one it works!



  5. I just upgraded to 1.323 — I can see the images :)
    …well some of them; Chuck is mostly hidden behind my Findbugs trend graph :(

    An ideal fix (at least for me) would be if you could force Chuck+Quote to be at the top right before any of the actual plugin charts, etc… so that he would be adjacent to the build summary details in the left column. Or even directly beneath all the build information; right now he appears to be fixed to the background and a chart overlays most of him.

    I think Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick any task trend chart that tried to get in his way!

    Great plugin though… would really like to have it working! :)



  6. Good point about Chuck Norris shouldn’t be blocked by any graph. However, I can’t put the image prior to those graphs/charts since that would add extra scrolling for people to see the data on the graphs/charts.

    What I can do is to add some space at the end of panel so that Chuck’s image would still be visible.

    I’ll make this change in v0.2 .

  7. Awesome; I can see Chuck in v0.2

    I don’t think moving the charts down would be a problem — they are more for long-term use and I’m happy to scroll (I see them all the time anyway).


  8. Doesn’t seem to work with 1.318. I get the text displayed but no graphics.

    Looking at the source its pulling it from /hudson/plugin/chucknorris/images yet you can’t hit this. I’ve tried dropping back to v0.1 but thats the same.

    Any ideas?

    1. I’ll test v0.2 of the plugin against Hudson 1.318 tonight and put the result as a reply of your comment on the plugin’s wiki page.

  9. You should provide a way for people to suggest Chuck Norris facts. Then the plug in could pull new facts from a web service. Thus we could have a never ending stream of fun CN facts!

    If Chuck Norris had created CNPi, this feature would be developed and deployed as soon as I suggested it.

    Thanks for CNPi!

    1. If Chuck Norris had created <– nice try :).

      I'm quite reluctant about adding a public web service for this purpose since many Hudson installation out there live within an internal network without any connection to the outside world.

      However, I am keen on separating the facts/jokes from the plugin code so that it's easier to manage.

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