Emptiness Header Images

First of all, my apology to Tony Lauria for making him wait for a long time and for not being able to upload these images earlier as promised. Life has been exceptionally busy, but I’ll save the details for another blog post.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that Tony and some other Emptiness Theme users like to the header images from previous versions of the theme and requested their availability for download. Thanks so much for using the theme.

So here they are (in chronological order)…

Light greenish-yellowish leaves on tree branches in front of my home in Carnegie. This picture was used as the default header image from v0.1 to v0.9 of the theme.

A city-loop train with Crown complex in the background. This picture was taken from the Flinders St studio apartment where I lived back in 2005. I used the picture as a custom header image demonstration on a cleaner way to customise WordPress Theme styles using MyCSS Plugin.

Stones and water, which I thought represent the theme of emptiness really really well. The picture was taken at Korakuen Garden during my trip to Japan this year, and was used in v1.0 .

Weird grassy plants at Shinjuku Garden. In retrospective, I found the random pattern of the plants to be quite interesting. This picture was used in v1.1 .

Buildings behind the Shibuya Crossing at night (original 1024×768 image). I used this picture to test the custom image header cropping feature introduced in v1.1 .

16 thoughts on “Emptiness Header Images

  1. I have just started using this theme and it is lovely. I would like to know if you could direct me to a place where I could learn make a links php template for this, my bookmarks are on a seperate page so I need a template and have tried to adjust some other b ut come p with broken lists etc, I would like the links to display in the center. I am currently using the generic link. wp-bookmark code code only.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Lindsay.

      If you only want to remove the header image, the easiest thing to do is to remove the header.jpg image in the theme directory.

      If you want to remove the whole header section, for version 1.3.3, you need to modify certain lines in style.css file:

      div#header {
      // position: absolute;
      // top: 10px;
      display: none;
      div#bodyfooter {
      // position: relative;
      // top: 350px;

  2. Hi, I have been using this theme since 2 years ago and I really love it. I just have a little difficulty with the newest version 1.3.3. In IE, the entire header shifts to the right. I verified that the header and all my pictures fit into the 500 px width limit. Is there anyway that I can fix this? Or is there anyway I can download the older version of 1.0 or 1.1? Thanks!

    1. Hi Valerie, thank you for reporting the error and for using the theme.
      Version 1.3.4 fixes the header position problem you’re having. This version not yet available from wordpress.org, so I’ll email it to you.

  3. Hi Cliffano, great theme! just a quick question, is there a way to make the header image rotate using the image rotater plug in? It would be amazing for us to be able to do this since we are using this for fund raising blog for an expedition.

    1. Hi Chris, I’ll look into making the theme works well with the image rotator plugin in the next release. Hopefully I can release it in the next day or two.

  4. Hi Cliffano, I use your theme for 3 blogs. I like the simplicity of it. Thanks very much for your creative work. I have a question about the header. On the top the corners are rounded, but on the bottom, the corners are square. How can I change it so that the bottom corners are also rounded? Is this part of the css file? I would appreciate your help. Thanks, Jasmin

    1. Hi Jasmin, Thank you for using the theme. The header should have rounded corners both on the top and bottom on modern browsers while it’s normal rectangle on older browsers. Which browser did you use? And could you please provide a screenshot? (you can send it to blah@cliffano.com)

      The rounded corners are styled in style.css file, look for div.splash .

  5. hi,

    just migrated from movable type to wordpress, and very pleased with this theme. however, i’m having some minor issues, including the same one as Jasmin. when i use the default header image, i see rounded corners on top and bottom. when i upload my own header image, however, i get the squared corners on the bottom — regardless of whether i upload a larger image and crop it, or resize it manually to 500×265 before uploading. i’m using Camino 2.0.6 on Mac OS 10.6.6, but i have the same issue with Safari and Firefox.

    two other minor things:
    – if i leave the header left sidebar free of widgets, it defaults to the Home, Feed, etc. links, which i really like — but it includes pages I created twice (in this case, just About).
    – on both of the right sidebars, the size of the title font is showing up inconsistently. right now, for example, “Categories” is smaller than the title of my Archive and Recent Comments titles. Doesn’t seem to matter if I create my own title or use the default.


    1. Hi Jordan, thanks for using the theme and sorry for the late reply.

      1. The problem with non-rounded bottom corners is actually a bug, I didn’t figure it out earlier when I read Jasmin’s comment.
      If you can modify the theme, please open functions.php file and replace the number 265 with 281. And then upload a header image with dimension of 500px in width and 281px in height.

      2. Double up on page links problem is a known issue (other user reported it before) which I could reproduce but still can’t figure out what’s causing it and what’s the proper fix.
      The workaround is to create a custom link to a website that is relevant to your blog. On the admin screen, on the left sidebar, there’s a section Appearance -> Menus, add custom link to the default menu, then save the menu. The double up will then disappear.

      3. The inconsistent sidebar heading sizes are caused by some of the widgets have heading title with h2 tag, while some others use h3 tag.
      Try checking if those widgets allow you to change the heading tag. If not, then you need to change the stylesheet.
      Open styles/style.css, add this at the bottom of the file:
      div.right h2, div.right h3 {
      font-size: 13px;
      Change the value 13 to the size that you want.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Cliffano, I wrote an SOS back in February, and I am just reading the solution now. I tried your recommendation and now everything works very nicely. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Greetings, Jasmin

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