Lovin’ The Groovy

I’m a huge fan of The Java Posse, a podcast about Java related news and technologies. The show co-hosts, Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall, and Joe Nuxoll, really have a great chemistry between them, probably the best compared to other tech podcasts I’ve ever listened to.

There’s a joke in episode #227 on how Dick ‘hates’ Groovy (of course he doesn’t) which led him to repeat the phrase “I love The Groovy, Man” several times during that episode. So, to help Dick Wall convince the world that he, in fact, loves Groovy… I fired up Photoshop and quickly whipped up this show poster idea.

Sent to the posse a month ago, they liked it (thanks a lot guys :) ) and gave me the permission to post it on my blog.

Now, there are still Tor, Joe, and Carl…

Update (16/03/2009): the above picture was mentioned on Java Posse #232 – Newscast for February 25th 2009, listen to Dick reiterating his love for The Groovy at 15:25.

6 thoughts on “Lovin’ The Groovy

  1. Hi Cliffano. I`m Sordello and I use your theme on my blog and I decided create a fork for your Emptiness Theme.

    I havent found your theme license but as I know its open source and free software. Is there any?

    I hope I can publish theme asap! :)

    And sorry for my bad English

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