100+ Custom Emptiness

Five months since v0.1 was released, Emptiness Theme has been downloaded 5,867 times and given 4/5 stars average rating. Not bad. Even though it’s not as popular as other themes with fancy graphic design, I think Emptiness has its own target audience with it’s simplistic style.

I’m particularly happy to find (via Google search) more than 100 blogs using Emptiness Theme with customised header image and some with customised css. Check them out on my Picasa Web album.

I used Nautilus Image Converter to resize all images via a simple select all, right click, and resize. If only it also has an auto image quality compression then it would be perfect.

22 thoughts on “100+ Custom Emptiness

  1. Hi Cliffano

    Thanks for this awesome theme! It matches my needs perfectly.

    I’m trying to remove the “Feed” & “Log out” links on the left of the picture, as I will not be using them.

    Also, I’m looking how to remove the info left to the posts (like in this post’s case, this info is “25 Oct 2008, 1:40am Projects: bitpress emptiness themes wordpress by Cliffano Subagio”).

    Can you give me a hint on where I must do this?


  2. Ben,

    To remove “Feed” & “Log out”, you can remove / comment out the lines from emptiness/header.php . Find the word “Feed” and “loginout()” and delete them.

    To remove the post info, have a look at emptiness/index.php. Find the word “the_author_posts_link()” and you can delete the lines that you don’t need.


  3. Yes!

    For the Feed & Log out, it did the trick, and I’m pretty sure I did it correctly.

    For the post info, I’ll see when I’ll be posting, I’ve still much work to do.

    BTW, your theme is excellent, I love it, thanks for sharing this work!

    Thanks also for your extremely fast support.

  4. I am trying to change the photo in the header (trees and leaves) to my own photo – I am very new to this and am pretty lost..can you help? Great theme – looking forward to going live with it after I change the image!

  5. Hello!
    Can you inform me how to remove the posted by box inbetween the left sidebars. This would be a big help.



  6. Thank you for your direction – I wasn’t able to do it but a friend helped me out and it looks great – it’s up and running and I love the way it looks and works… thanks for a great theme – it’s just what I was looking for (with a few small changes…)!

  7. I love the design. I have been using it on my blog for the last few months. Thanks so much.

    One question: I want to change the Log-in link to lowercase but can’t find the place to do it in the CSS stuff. Can you help me?


  8. Chris, you can set the lowercase style in CSS for div#header div.side left a . If you only want to change only the Log-in link, then have a look at header.php file, find ‘wp_loginout()’ function call and apply the lowercase style to the <li> tag that wraps the call.

  9. Really funny to see how some people completely ruin it, some give it a brilliant touch of beauty and others customize it so much that it’s hardly the original thing.

    At my website I made a http://carringtontheme.com/ based theme based on the looks of your theme: http://pepijndevos.nl
    It’s not done yet, but broadly speaking it looks like Emptiness.

    The reason why I used Carrington is that I want to customize a lot and i don’t like your markup very much, but the design is great.

    1. Pepijn, thanks again for the suggestions you left on Emptiness Theme page re content-first markup and stylesheet. I’ll try to improve them in the upcoming version.

      Thanks for the compliment about Emptiness design :). It’s not really a popular theme, but I’m glad there are people who like it.

  10. Great theme, love it, having trouble with the comments though, they don’t seem to come up for viewing or with a reply field? mind taking a look and emailing me if you have any suggestions? thanks!

  11. Hi There! I’m using your them and I love it!

    I need to make the header clickable to ‘home’. I’ve tried and tried but can’t figure it out.

    Can you help me?



  12. Hi there! I use this theme but I really would like to get rid of the search bar up at the top of the theme and to the right – is this something you know how to do? It looks like some of the examples you have in your album don’t have the search bar there…

    1. Hi Sarah, here’s the instruction to remove the search bar:
      1. Open header.php file
      2. Remove the following lines
      <form method=”get” action=”<?php echo home_url(); ?>/”>
      <div><input type=”text” value=”search…” name=”s” onclick=”this.value = ””/></div>

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