Blojsom IM Notification Messages

Here’s a screenshot of Blojsom notification messages on Pandion.

You’ll be notified for new entry, comment, trackback, and pingback. I’m currently working on XMPP Plugin for Blojsom, though nothing is stopping this from becoming IMNotification Plugin. I guess there are plenty of AIM and MSN users out there.

5 thoughts on “Blojsom IM Notification Messages

  1. Great idea, Cliff. I think the advantage of IM is that it’s the command line of the post-command line word. The only window many of us are guaranteed to keep open and available all the time :) XMPP’s definitely a good starting point.

  2. Hi Cliffano, I am very new to XMPP. I have a requirement where I need to send notifications to an IM client using my generic notification server. I was thinking on how to queue XMPP data to IM Server. how do you queue the notifications to ur IM server. Are there any specific documents from where I can get some help? I am actually lost in the www of XMPP….

  3. Miles, you got that right about having IM window all the time :).

    Arushi, a good place to start would be, lots of links from there to other XMPP-specific sites for more detailed content. I’m not clear on what exactly you meant by queue-ing XMPP data to IM server. AFAIK, XMPP server stores the message if the recipient is not currently online. So what your application needs to handle is to guarantee that the message reaches the destination XMPP server.

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